MultiSmart intelligent Pump Station Manager & RTU

The MultiSmart intellligent Pump Station Manager is the new face of technology for monitoring and control of water and wastewater Pump Stations. MultiSmart is a comprehensive and easy to use replacement for pump controllers, PLC's and RTU's backed by a 5-year warranty and free software upgrades for the life of the product.

Lift Station and Pump Station Control

  • Your operations and engineering staff will find it easy to use and configure
  • Wealth of asset and operations data utilizing any SCADA platform
  • Cuts the cost of a control panel
  • Predictive maintenance indicators (condition-based monitoring)
  • Green... Provides pump efficiency data to empower you to reduce CO2 emissions


Multismart ScreenThe MultiSmart range of products is the result of a $5M development project and over 20 years of experience in control and monitoring technology for water and wastewater Pump Stations. Many authorities have found that using PLC's to control and monitor Pump Stations results in a high lifetime cost. Operations staff are also frustrated by having a "black box" which cannot be changed without calling out an engineer. The MultiSmart intelligent Pump Station Manager has an intuitive interface for operators and engineers. No programming is required. Instead, station performance is adjusted by turning on features and changing parameters. For larger organizations who need the ability to add their own custom features, the product has a PLC option (IEC61131-3 compliant).

Easy to Use

  • Intuitive operator interface for pump control, fault resets, viewing of accumulators, flow data, etc.
  • An engineering interface that's easy to use for set point adjustment, fault & I/O configuration, supply protection, motor protection, station optimization, etc.
  • No programming required
  • An SD card holder allows for simple and fast configuration, saving, loading and firmware upgrade

Wealth of Asset & Operations Data Through any SCADA Platform

Connects to: DNP3 Users Group

  • Trihedral VTS
  • Wonderware InTouch
  • RSView
  • Intellution
  • Citect
  • ClearSCADA
  • Cimplicity
  • Iconics Genesis32
  • any other modern SCADA

Cut Control Panel Costs by Integrating Panel Components

  • PLC/RTU or Pump Controller
  • HMI
  • Flow Meter
  • Energy & Power Meter
  • Supply Monitoring and Protection
  • 3-phase Current Monitoring
  • Insulation Resistance Test
  • Motor Protection Relay
  • Hours Run Meters
  • Starts Meters
  • Mini-CAS and other Pump Thermal/Seal Relays

MultiSmart Modules

  • Full open-protocol DNP3 RTU - or purchase MultiSmart as an RTU only
  • Flow - inflow and outflow measurements without a flow meter
  • VFD control
  • Power monitoring, motor protection and insulation resistance testing
  • Pump efficiency accumulators in litres or gals per kWhr (requires motor protection and flow options)
  • PLC capability (IEC61131-3) for user customization via a standard IsaGRAF v5 Workbench
  • Logic engine for user customization

Product Configurations


  • Pump Station Manager - the main product configuration described above
  • RTU only - no pump control, supplied as a typical I/O based RTU with IsaGRAF PLC functionality
  • Reservoir Monitor - for monitoring reservoirs and linking to a remote Pump Station includes a display with a subset of the Pump Station Manager menu options for configuration.





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