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Clean Energy ind Power Solutions - Shaw Automation

Clean Energy Wind Power Solutions - Shaw Automation are a recognised distribution agent for the supply, installation and maintenance of clean energy wind turbines.

We are recognised distribution agents for some of the most technologically advanced products available today. Our skilled workers are also available to conduct site assessments, provide economical feasibility studies, monitor wind speed and assist with planning applications.

We take pride in offering advanced-technology products that let homeowners and businesses generate their own clean power. The installation of our turbines is appropriate for off-grid and on grid supplies, for rural electrical generation, and for performance enhancement of solar electric systems.

Shaw Automation Key Strengths

  • Diverse Knowledge & Experience in Clean Energy Wind Turbines
  • lndustry Recognition for Producing High Quality Services
  • Focused on Long Term Working Relationships with Our Customers

Vergnet GEV MP Medium Wind Turbines UK

Vergnet wind turbines have one of the highest production yields in the medium wind industry supported by a dedicated UK O&M service and a full service package. . Vergnet medium-scale wind turbines are used for wind energy projects in the UK from 200 to 500kW, with a broad range of options depending on site conditions. Vergnet GEV MP Medium Wind Turbines In the UK, you can benefit from our Vergnet GEV MP range of medium wind turbines. The GEV MP is available in different models (in terms of power output, rotor diameter, hub height) designed to harvest the most of a site’s potential. Projects can range from 200 to 500kW.

Endurance Wind turbines UK

The Endurance X and E Series portfolio of turbines delivers performance diversity that helps owners maximise the value of their wind resource while working within the scope of their land, community, business and investment goals. These machines generate enough clean energy to power large farms and dairies as well as high-intensity electricity users such as industrial, municipal and institutional plants. Designed in Denmark by Norwin, the 225 kW wind turbine has proven itself a reliable, durable performer. Building on this heritage, the new Endurance X and E Series Wind Turbines UK combine decades of refinement and the latest advances in turbine engineering and design technology.

EWT Wind Turbines UK

EWT wind turbines have very compact nacelle designs. The EWT’s DIRECTWIND 250kW turbine is developed in response to Northern Ireland market demand. The 250kW turbine is being offered with a 52m and 54m rotor diameter in order to optimise its performance with wind speeds classified under IEC class IIA and IIIA, respectively. The DW52/54-250kW turbine boasts a track record of over 600 units based on our technology operating in the field. EWT Wind Turbines Direct Drive Technology UK. Fewer rotating parts reduce mechanical stress, leading to a lower maintenance need and therefore superior availability levels.

G59 Protection Switchboards

Our G59/3 protection panels are used for various types of generation schemes for grid connection, ensuring G59/3 compliance.

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Distribution Boards

Our distribution boards are tailored to our customers individual requirements and are suitable for private, commercial or Industrial use.

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